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About Me

I’ve done up all the fiddly buttons on dozens of wedding dresses. I’ve carried high heels and veils that became too much hassle, and rescued hair dos that didn't quite stay put on an extremely windy day.

I’ve driven brides and grooms to their ceremonies when transport plans fell through and made sure everyone arrived on time. I’ve driven off during the meal to pick up emergency makeup and straighteners, and couriered balloons/button holes/accidentally-forgotten-bouquets to their destination in my little rose gold car.

I've held the fort when people have run late, calmed down and sobered up(!) many nervous grooms and reminded pretty much every bride I've encountered to take her flowers out of water in enough time so that they don't drip down her dress. I could go on!


All this, while also doing my main job: capturing the story of the wedding day discreetly and giving you beautiful pictures to remember it by. There is so much more to being a great wedding photographer than meets the eye.

If you book me, you won’t just be getting an experienced photographer who is unobtrusive and friendly, you’ll be getting an extra friend, full of positivity, ideas and excitement, on hand to go above and beyond if I’m ever needed. I will laugh at your dad’s jokes, get just as emotional as your mum watching your first dance and genuinely celebrate with you. If you're keen to have me be part of your special day, I can't wait to meet you!

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Originally from the South West of England, I moved to Scotland in 2015 and have never looked back! I completely understand when couples tell me they don't like having their photo taken or feel awkward in front of the camera (I've had my own Chandler smile moments, trust me!) but promise to make you feel totally relaxed - you might not even notice I'm there. 

When I'm not behind my camera or editing from a coffee shop, you'll find me chasing around after my little boy, burning off energy at boxing sessions, and undoing the results of all that exercise by binge-watching Netflix shows with a slice of cheesecake and a French Martini.

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